Inaugural Post

Hello and Welcome,

This is a space for my thoughts and feelings on the world around me. That should be obvious as that is the intended use of a blog. I suppose what I wish to state is that I am not doing this as a Journalist, nor do I have any desire to be seen as one. I just have a lot of things I wish to express about this world around me and want a place to save those thoughts, and I don’t mind other people peeking in to see what I am thinking. 

A little about my world; It revolves mainly around film and television. I have worked in and around theatrical exhibition since I was 16 and got my first real job with Famous Players at their Paramount location (now Scotiabank Theatre John & Richmond). I have loved film my whole life, and my Dad, working in the industry as a Post Production Supervisor and Writer, exposed me to a great deal of wonderful film and helped instill a deep love of the theatrical experience in me. 

I am a huge fan of large format film, and regard myself as an advocate for Medium Specific Presentation (there will be a post dedicated to this topic). I collect film as much as I can, currently I have well over 2000 35mm trailers in my room, and a print in my closet. I hold 35mm near and dear, however this does not prevent me from acknowledging that Digital has superseded film as the primary format.  I am fine with this, as long as it is done right. When it is not however, I find it completely unacceptable. I am not a great person to see a film with as I have a habit of complaining about what I consider to be sub par viewing conditions; doors not being shut when trailers start, light spilling onto the screen from poorly placed exit lights, poorly calibrated projectors, all these things have made me leave a screening or demand a refund in the past. People find this annoying, and I can’t blame them, but  nothing makes me more upset then seeing a space with the resources to be run to the highest standard failing to meet what I consider basic items. 

I am not just focused on the physical realities of a viewing environment, I have a deep appreciation for the content, and how it is made. I am currently of the opinion that the Story is the utmost important element in film and television  that Characters, and their decision making is at the heart of the writing process. I do not say this as a fact, I say this as a point of view, and I see all films with this point of view. I will be commenting on film and television as it relates to story, and production values which I consider secondary to story, but superior to style.

I will also be commenting on the world of MMA. Over the past 2 years I have been drawn into this world. I have never been much for sports, and this is the first time in my life that I have been so inspired by one. I feel this is in large part due to the way the UFC in particular manages to build story around their fighters. I do feel it is the purest sport. Two people enter a enclosed space, and using only their bodies and abilities fight until there is a victor. Its so simple and beautiful. But more on that some other time. 

So in summation; I plan to write about film and television as it relates to story and production. I intend to share my love of the theatrical experience and the mediums at hand. I will on occasion muse about some upcoming fight that has my attention. I will also think of some other interesting things to write about if I can. 

If you are reading this, well then cheers.


One response to “Inaugural Post”

  1. Gunther Beust says :

    Hi Alex,

    good to see you online with a blog, I’l be looking forward to read more of your writings in the coming time.



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