A Record Store Day Reality Check: Or Why You Should Stop Whining

I am not an expert but I feel very confident when I talk to my local record store and discover they did 8x better on RSD then they did on their next best day. The reason for this is obvious, way more people shop for records on RSD then any other day of the year. People who dont usually buy records, people who usually buy online, and people who are only in it for a quick buck all go to their local record shops on RSD. That is a  beautiful thing because it means RSD attracts a bigger market to record buying. RSD is just an excellent use of marketing strategies, designed to bring more buyers to the stores. Hurray it works! So stop your whining! Everytime someone whines about RSD a hipster gets their mustache.

So here is your Post RSD Reality Check:


1. RSD is a cash grab on behalf of distributors, stores, labels, and bands. This is GOOD, we want this. Days like this promote record buying, and collecting, but more importantly it financially suppprts the vinyl industry. So ya know people can pay rent, move to better spaces, release more music, pay more employees. THAT GOOD SHIT. So they release a Nirvana single specifically designed to move many many copies, that means the store makes money on it, the distributor makes money on it, the label makes money on it, and the record manufacturers makes money on it. That means its working.

2. Everytime someone flips a RSD item on ebay it is a GOOD THING. We want this. Why? Because it promotes the idea that vinyl as a medium for recorded music retains and increases in value. This makes the medium the wisest use of your music buying dollars. The more people realize that records have a value beyond manufacturing costs the longer record stores will be around.

3. The internet exists, lazy ppl use it to get things they want. Get used to it, cause often enough you are that lazy person.

4. Complaining that you didnt get what you want cause of someone else buying to flip, doesnt make the flipper an asshole, it makes you an entitled prick. Thats right when you get mad cause you didnt get what you want it means you felt entitled to it. Records exist in limited quantities, and thats what helps the industry remain stable. You are not entitled to getting the record you want. Standing in line for hours does not entitle you to ownership of this physical object, it just doesnt. The only thing in this society that entitles you is payment. Thats the system we live in, deal with it.

Please remember the record industry is not, and should not be free from the realities that face any other business within our capitalist system. You don’t like this system? Well then find a more constructive way to vent your frustrations, because getting mad that you can’t get what you want ,when you want it doesn’t change anything and makes you look like a fool.


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